Friday, 5 September 2014

I'm still getting used to blogging and uploading pictures, so a few more photos of Lamorran Gardens, and of Cornwall in general, might be in order.

Above is the view from Lamorran Gardens over St Mawes.

The gardens are beautifully laid out. You follow the steep and narrow paths which open up into grottos with statuary, just like the one above. Delightful.

And Cornwall wouldn't be Cornwall without views like this. The photo was taken near the Levant Mine north of Botallack. No doubt we'll be seeing many scenes like this on television next year when the new Poldark is shown. 

And then there's archaeological sites like Carn Euny, Shown above in the fogou.

And to finish, a typical Cornish coastal village scene - Mousehole. Now I need to stop procrastinating and get on with finishing my story.


  1. These photos are simply breathtaking - and your background picture is the best I've seen in many a blog!

  2. Thanks Sharon. I can take credit for all the photos, but the background is part of the blogger package. I tried to use the picture of the pool reflections, but couldn't get the configuration right. It looked awful. Ought to try again, as I have plenty of digital photos I could use for backgrounds.